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The Hidden Faces of Southwest Florida

December 18, 2011


By Brittany Cagle Everyone has forgotten your name. You pace endless streets in tattered shoes. The soaked clothes grip the skin of your back. No one can sense your hunger pangs. The only place to sleep is a bus shelter. You become invisible in a frenzied world of strangers. “People don’t want to see […]

Warehouse parties becoming last-minute rave with FGCU students

December 1, 2011


By Brittany Cagle Within the warehouses of Southwest Florida there’s a rising trance of something intangible: A unifyingpulse in melody that resonates and a dynamic feeling ofmusic that transcends description. An underground new age phenomenon is redefining what disk jockeys once shunned as niche music culture. Electronic music is finally worthy of having a […]

Writing to Find a Voice at Sanibel Conference

November 14, 2011


By Brittany Cagle For a writer, words move beyond ink blotches on a loose-leaf sheet of paper. Words seep through the page into a liquid form of art and become etchedlines of self-discovery. “That’s what these conferences are about,” Steve Almond said last weekend at the Sanibel Writer’s Conference. “People attend in search of […]

When Death Crosses Paths with the Living: Paranormal groups thrive in SWFL

October 25, 2011


By Brittany Cagle A whisp of black moves through a room without a face or a voice. It leaves no evidence along a path of groaning floorboards. Darkness is its only feature. Some people will seek validation and for others a check-in at the insane asylum. Others will believe the figure to be a […]

Freshman rapper dropping hits from his FGCU dorm room

September 28, 2011


By: Brittany Cagle Visualize the ideal setting for an underground rap show: 60 freshmen jam-packed into a South Village dorm, a fluorescent overheadlight cutting through the thick air, and the thin plastered walls resonating with echoes of the audience. This image isn’t too far from reality. Adam Kirstein’s 10-by-10 dorm room appears ordinary with […]

Brains and beers: 5th annual Zombicon coming to Fort Myers

September 5, 2011


By Brittany Cagle Bloodthirsty zombies will rise again in their annual search of brains and beers in the historic district of downtown Fort Myers. The glorious undead of Southwest Florida will join the fifth annual Zombicon celebration, on October 15th, 2011 dressed in theme of “Legends of the Silver Screen.” The Zombicon party hopes […]