Students need to beware of social media stalkers

Posted on December 18, 2011


By: Chelsea Fischer



Beware social networkers; universities, insurance companies and employers are taking the term ‘Facebook stalking’ to new heights.


As social networking continues to expand to new electronic devices, the ability to document every aspect of life has become customary among America’s youth. What college students don’t realize is that these seemingly innocent posts and pictures could turn out to seriously affect their future.


According to The Wall Street Journal a recent survey of 500 top colleges showed that 10 percent of admissions officers acknowledged that they do indeed check social networking sites to evaluate applicants.


“The idea of a college that I’m trying to attend is basing their decision off of my Facebook page makes me feel uncomfortable and seriously pissed off,” says Lauren Hall, a sophomore at FGCU. “My personal life has nothing to do with how I perform as a student.”


Education wise students are beginning to be put into jeopardy, however financially students could suffer even more.


Insurance companies as well as employers are also scanning your social networking pages to be able to determine your eligibility for a policy or job opportunity.


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