FGCU students: Reading days didn’t prepare them for finals

Posted on December 18, 2011


By: Traci Feller


After Thanksgiving is over, finals turn the corner. Students crack their books open and hit the library while they anticipate their month long winter break. However, this year students are in an uproar over the sudden change Florida Gulf Coast University made- December is not the most wonderful time of the year.

This year for the first time FGCU declared reading days. Reading days fell during the week of Dec. 5. The week finals usually begin; FGCU thought it would be best to take this time to study for finals.

This means winter break is cut short a week.

While most students take this time to study, others says reading days was pointless.

“I partied,” says senior Jarod Morgan.

Senior Brittany Howard also didn’t understand the point of this week.

“I literally did nothing this week to prepare for finals; I went to Orlando,” says Howard.

Howard says she doesn’t understand why FGCU changed their schedule this year.

“We are the only Florida school that doesn’t have off next week,” says Howard.

Howard may be upset over this change, but junior Melissa Best loves the idea.

“I’m a biology major, so I really needed this extra time to study,” says Best.

Best continues to say how her finals are not just essays, like some majors, but that she actually has to take time to study.

“I know it may be annoying to some who just have to stay to hand in a paper,” she says.

Senior Dara Kobrin says it didn’t affect her.

“All my classes ended before reading days, and I didn’t have finals, but I can see why people say it’s kind of pointless,” she says.

“A lot of my friends went home for the week and then just came back to take finals,” says Kobrin.

Sophomore, Michelle Duarte took the time off to reconnect with herself and her friends.

“I’ve been so crazy busy with school and my sorority, that it was nice to get a week just to be me and hang out with friends,” she says.

Some may have taken this time to catch up on their social life, but reading days was not designed for this.

Reading days was a time to catch up on your studies and meet with teachers.

Student body president, Lauren Schuetz, says “I think reading days was a great idea.”

Half of the student body agrees with Schuetz.

Eagle News poll asked, “Do you like the additional reading days that have been added on to this fall semester?”

Fifty one percent said yes.

A great perk for students was Cram Jam 2011. Student government put onthis event on Dec. 5 from 10 pm- 12 am.

According to SG’s Facebook invite, “Cram Jam 2011 is a celebration to FGCU’s first reading days, as well as getting out some of those finals week jitters.”

According to their Facebook page, Cram Jam 2011 provided students with free key essentials to study: midnight breakfast, Red Bull, scantrons, pens, stress balls and T-shirts.

“SG put on this event, but we aren’t the reason why we have reading days,” says Schuetz.

“I don’t understand why SG planned for this extra week,” says Howard.

Schuetz doesn’t know why students think reading days was her doing.

Will there be another reading days next semester?

That is the question on some students mind.

“I hope not,” says Howard.

Either way, the student body seems to have mix feelings when it comes to this extra week of use. Is it a time to catch up on partying or studying?

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