FGCU students question parking lot security

Posted on December 10, 2011


Jenny Beeson


Many students consider their university to be a security blanket. But some FGCU students are feeling a little cold on the subject.

Students may not be happy with the lack of available parking spots on campus but another issue arisingis the insufficientsafety precautions that are being taken in the parking lots and garages on campus.

“I would feel safer leaving my car in the parking garage if the cameras were actually angled toward the parking spaces,” senior communications major Chloe Friedman said.

It may go unnoticed to many students are they enter and exit the parking garages but currently there are only an average of 10 to 12 cameras located in each garage.

Chief Steven Moore said the cameras are places in the corners of each floor of the garage facing outward.

Because of this, students like Friedman are questioning just how much justice the cameras do.

“I’ve had friends who’ve come back after class and had dents in their cars,” she said. “And UPD was unable to locate the person who did it—that worries me.”

Friedman believes if he placing of the cameras were facing inward toward the parking spots located in the garage, more crimes committed would be solved and wouldn’t leave students helpless.

“It’s an easy fix,” she said. “Just turn the cameras around.”

Friedman also said aside from wanting to see better placement of security cameras she would like more officers patrolling the garages.

University Police department’s administrator, Nancy “Smitty” Rounsifer, said that FGCU currently has 13 patrolling officers. However not all patrol at the same time.

When Friedman was informed on the number of patrolling officers she said that she doesn’t believe that’s enough.

Senior communications major, Joshua Comer, said he agrees but for different reasons.

Comer said after he had his car broken into, he knows what it’s like to feel helpless nothing being done about it.

“Someone broke into my car and stole all of my CD’s,” Comer said. “But the joke was on them; they stole a bunch of Christian music.”

Although Comer’s incident didn’t occur on FGCU’s campus he said just knowing how unsafe FGCU parking is makes him fearful.

It’s highly probable that it could occur again, especially on a campus that isn’t properly secure,” Comer said.

Friedman said even though she has never been in a situation where she has had her car broken into, she is always skeptical.

“I don’t leave anything out in plain view like my iPod or GPS,” Friedman said. “I always put my purse in the trunk.”

According to FGCU university police department reports, there were 37 parking lot and garage related crimes in the month of Sept.

However, at a neighboring college, the University of Central Florida there was five less parking related crimes in the same month, according to incident reports from the university.

Friedman said those numbers speak for themself.

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